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  • Are you a SMILE candidate?

    You have heard all of the benefits of SMILE, the latest in laser vision correction, in our previous blog post, but how do you know if SMILE is right for you? Do you have blurry vision or are you nearsighted? Do glasses or contact lenses cause an inconvenience in your daily life? Do you often experience dry eye symptoms?  

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  • Introducing the Latest in Laser Vision Correction: SMILE, Lasik, PRK, and their differences.

    SMILE – Laser Vision Correction   SMILE! There’s a new laser vision correction technology option available – only at Eyes of York! Eyes of York will be the first practice in Pennsylvania to be offering a full range of laser vision correction options with the addition of SMILE. Laser Vision Correction has been helping people reduce or eliminate their need

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  • Why is my vision blurry?

    Understanding your vision is the first step in improving it! Most people deal with some amount and form of unclear vision. From nearsightedness to farsightedness, astigmatism to old age, everyone’s eyes and clarity of vision are different. The more you know about what causes blurry, unclear vision, the better decisions you can make to care for and improve your vision.

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