Lifestyle Lens Options

Sophisticated/Advanced Lens Implants

(to correct for astigmatism, driving vision, and near vision needs)

In addition to cataracts, many patients wear glasses to correct refractive errors. They may be nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism or presbyopia, all of which reduce your ability to see clearly. We offer a range of treatment options to improve your vision without glasses after cataract surgery to help you achieve your personal best vision. Some of these treatment options include premium lens implants as opposed to the traditional standard implant.



SymfonySymfony- The AMO Tecnis Symfony lens is the newest and most anticipated lens to hit the market. Recently receiving FDA approval in the U.S., these lenses provide high quality vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions while having a halo and glare profile similar to a mono-focal lens. The Symfony lens comes in a Toric and non-Toric model, giving patients with higher amounts of astigmatism the opportunity to almost eliminate dependence on glasses at all ranges.



Tecnis – The Tecnic® MF lens is a fixed multifocal lens that provides zones of focus, much like the function of microscopes and telescopes. The Tecnis MF is unique in production because it is custom milled to allow the adaptation of the lens in any range of lighting. This patented material provides superior near vision with high or low lighting. The Technis MF lens also provides the ability to see objects at intermediate and distance ranges for golfing, sightseeing, or boating.


Toric iolToric – The AMO Tecnis Toric lens offers a precise correction for astigmatism while enhancing the quality of fine distance details. This will improve distance vision only, lessening the dependence on glasses.