Choices in Refractive Cataract Surgery *

Refractive Cataract Surgery

Dr. Visco and Dr. Benz are recognized leaders in cataract surgery and lens replacement. Until recently, cataract patients had virtually no choice regarding the lens implant used to restore their vision. With lifestyle lenses, you now have several refractive choices based on your individual visual needs and lifestyle. Eyes of York is proud to be the first practice in the area to provide such a wide range of refractive surgical choices for Choices Manyour surgery.

Our refractive cataract surgical packages offer patients choices about where and how they prefer to see clearly without glasses. Dr. Visco and Dr. Benz have extensive experience with many different brands of premium lens implants.  Dr. Visco and Dr. Benz spend one on one time with you to help guide your decision towards a lens that will fulfill your lifestyle needs and maximize your clarity.

These new lens implants can provide a fuller range of vision, improving your vision at near, intermediate and distance. Most patients choose advanced lenses because they prefer a fuller range of vision without glasses for the majority of their day.

  1. High Definition – refractive cataract surgery for small amounts of astigmatism to optimize distance vision without glasses
  2. Legal To Drive – refractive cataract surgery for larger amounts of astigmatism to optimize distance and intermediate vision without glasses
  3. Forever Young – refractive cataract surgery for presbyopia to optimize distance, intermediate and near vision without glasses

* Patients who choose to have cataract surgery without refractive surgery are expected to have their best vision with glasses or contact lenses full time – we call this “Standard Option”.