Cataract Surgery

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“From the time you walk in the door, everyone treats you with respect and dignity. From the front desk staff, to the doctors, to the nurses, just everyone is so pleasant and personalized. Everyone makes you feel comfortable and helps to ease your fear. I was really impressed with how well everything was explained and every time I had a question, it was answered. I decided to move forward with one of the higher packages for my cataract surgery and had even paid for the procedure. Someone from the office called me shortly after and said Dr. Benz was reviewing the tests they ran and discovered something that showed that I wouldn’t benefit from the higher package. They scheduled me for a standard surgery instead and reimbursed me the difference. So many other places would have just let it go, but I just couldn’t believe the honesty and integrity they showed in doing that! I’m so happy I was recommended to Eyes of York and after my experience I can see why everyone I talked to has been so happy with their results…I now recommend them to all of my friends who are starting to develop cataracts!”

-Linda Sanders, York, PA 2/14/18


“I’m happy that I was referred here by my eye doctor and that I went through with the appointment. My cataract procedures went very smoothly and I would recommend Eyes of York to anyone who needs surgery done.”

-Nancy, 9/27/17


“Dr. Benz and the entire staff are just wonderful and I can’t thank them enough. During my cataract surgery, they made me feel so comfortable and even joked with me beforehand to help ease my nervousness. I would recommend anyone with eye problems to come here.”

-Norman S., 9/28/17


  • High Definition

    I had cataract surgery with Dr. Benz on December 1, 2014 in my left eye.  I opted for the High Definition package at the time of my surgery to correct astigmatism and customize my procedure. I will admit that I was a little skeptical as to how much improvement I would have after surgery.  Once I had the surgery I

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  • Forever Young- Tecnis

    Having the surgery was the best thing I’ve done, my vision was improved 110% compared to the whole time in my life before.  Having one useable eye most of my life, when I started losing vision is that eye I had to do something.  So they sent me to Eyes of York and it was the best thing that could

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  • Legal to Drive- Toric

    I’m so glad I had my eyes operated on by Dr. Visco.  I’ve worn glasses since second grade and contacts as an adult.  I have never seen as well as I do now!  The people in her office are all so friendly and helpful.  They don’t make you feel uncomfortable when you ask questions, they simply smile and answer anything you’ve

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