Comprehensive Eye Exams

I met Dr. Lehn when I was referred by my eyeglasses maker because of elevated eye pressure.  The first thing she did was tell me to stand up while she checked my eye pressure (so I was in a better position to check my pressure.)  Viola! It was normal.  I have been coming for years.  She is extremely professional, kind, gentle, and most important, GOOD.  I have cataracts and eventually I will need them operated on.  I have asked her to go back to school to become an eye surgeon.  Plan B is to have my eyes operated on ONLY by someone she recommends.  — Roger Thomas



I came in to Eyes of York for a lingering eye problem.  Dr. Luzuriaga gave me a thorough exam– better than I received elsewhere.  I will be staying with Eyes of York. — Randy Schiller



This was my first time meeting Dr. Luzuriaga after coming to Eyes of York for many years.   I was impressed with the way she explained my condition & problems to me.  I had many questions and she answered all of them.  She is friendly, thorough, and very personable.  She has the type of personality that anyone would agree is pleasant and very professional.  I enjoy everyone that works at Eyes of York as well. —  Leroy Klinedinst



I met Dr. Luzuriaga for the first time today for my annual check-up.  She was very pleasant and professional and certainly answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns.  –David Pell