Free LipiView Screening

Do you have dry eyes? Are your eyes itching and tearing?  Don’t know why?

Come see Eyes of York for your Free Lipiview Screening today.

We specialize in Dry Eye Therapy and we have served the York County Area for over 20 years.


Join us for a Free Lipiview Screening May 23, 2017 5:30-7:30

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Our mission is to compassionately show patients their future in sight with technology and education. By customizing vision plans, we create value in our services. We want patients to feel comfortable and confident engaging their future vision. Come meet our staff and see what we have for you.

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The LipiView analysis is vital in detecting the level of a patient’s dry eyes. The eye doctor uses this eye evaluation to get a better understanding of a patient’s tearfilm production. The following steps are included in the LipiView procedure:

  • The examination is done at your eye doctor’s clinic or dry eye center where your ophthalmologist practices his/her medical profession.
  • Your screening will approximately take 5 minutes.
  • Patient will be asked to look directly at a special light camera and blink normally. A computer aided program will then take care of the necessary measurements of the lipid content and quality in the tearfilm.

We are having a raffle to win a free LipiFlow Treatment, if you are that lucky candidate with dry eyes we will have you put a raffle ticket in the bowl!

There will be refreshments served.

A Doctor will be on staff for any questions.

If you are a candidate for one of our treatments, for your convenience, we will be offering these services at the time of the screening.