Free LipiView Screening

Free LipiView Screening 3rd Friday of every month (except in the month of December) from 12pm to 2pm


Do you have dry eyes? Are your eyes itching and tearing?  Don’t know why?  Come see Eyes of York for your Free LipiView Screening. We specialize in Dry Eye Therapy and have served the York County Area for over 20 years.  Join us for our next FREE LIPIVIEW SCREENING on January 19th from 12-2pm to learn about your options.



The LipiView analysis is vital in detecting the level of a patient’s dry eyes. Our doctors use these images to get a better view of a patient’s meibomian glands. The following steps are included in the LipiView test:

  • The test is performed in our dry eye clinic by our technicians.
  • Patient will be asked to look directly at a special light camera and blink normally where a computer aided program will take care of the necessary measurements of the patient’s lipid content and quality.
  • Lipiview test will only take about 5 minutes. You will then meet with the Doctor after Images are taken and they will explain your treatment options.
  • We have various treatments (Lipiflow, EyeXpress, IPL Treatment, Medications) available in our Dry Eye Clinic.

Our mission is to compassionately show patients their future in sight with technology and education. By customizing vision plans, we create value in our services. We want patients to feel comfortable and confident engaging their future vision.

Call Today To Schedule your Free Screening, (717) 767-2000 or fill out the form below to reserve your spot!

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