Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL has been very beneficial for me.  I suffer from chronic dry eye and rosacea.  Before having IPL, my eyes constantly felt irritated, dry, painful,  (like having sand inmy eyes) and I could rarely wear my contact lenses.  After starting IPL treatments, I experienced major symptom relief and can wear my contact lenses whenever I desire.  I occasionally use artificial tears but I do not need them like I did before starting treatment.  — Damian Gallagher


I have always suffered with dry eyes. It was like I had sand in my eyes. When I had corrective eye surgery it got worse. It was so painful that after a nights sleep it hurt to open my eyes. I couldn’t leave my house without a hat or sunglasses and no eye drops made it any better.  During my check up they recommended a series of IPL treatments. I was skeptical but with the support of my husband I stuck it out. After my third treatment I finally received some relief!!!!! Now all I do is use eye drops morning and night and IPL treatments every 6 months.  Dr. Visco also suggested hot compresses and blinking exercises daily and I follow that advice. When I am in my car driving from here to there I blink and I do hot compresses in my morning shower, it takes no time at all.  I know this procedure is not covered by insurance, but it is money well spent for your eye health and comfort. — Louann Hoover