FAQ’s - Laser Vision Correction

 Is surgery painful?

Prior to surgery anesthetic eye drops are instilled to numb the cornea eliminating pain and discomfort during surgery. The anesthetic eye drops are paired with mild sedation, also given before surgery, to minimize anxiety and promote relaxation. After the procedure it is common to feel a stinging or burning sensation along with light sensitivity and cloudy vision for a few hours. The majority of discomfort subsides after the first initial hours following surgery.

How soon can I return to work after surgery?

Most patients will return to work the day after their procedure with no difficulty performing their daily activities.

Are there any restrictions following surgery?

The first week after surgery requires the following restrictions:

  • Avoid contact with water such as swimming pools or hot tubs
  • No rubbing, bumping or touching the eyes
  • Avoid dirty, dusty environments
  • No makeup

Is there a guarantee for the results of Lasik surgery?

As with any surgery, anticipated results are never guaranteed. Our surgeon’s experience combined with our advanced technology maximizes precision providing extremely accurate results. We do, however, request patients attend regularly scheduled postoperative follow up visits in order to monitor healing and visual outcome. If a patient is experiencing difficulty throughout this postoperative period an enhancement may be necessary to achieve the final desired outcome.

Will I still need to wear reading glasses?

The technology for LASIK surgery is generally used to correct distance vision. When a patient is approximately 40-50 years old they develop a condition called presbyopia which diminishes the ability of the eye to focus on near objects. However, we do offer other procedures to minimize or eliminate the dependence of wearing reading glasses. Furthermore, successful monovision contact lens patients can have their LASIK procedure customized to match their monovision.