Jeremy Hinze-TestimonialMy name is Jeremy Hinze and I had the Lasik procedure done at Eyes of York about a year ago. When I was doing research on Lasik I was not looking at anything other than who was the best in my area. Turns out the top 2 both work for Eyes of York.  From the time I went in for my free consultation I had nothing but a great experience. No questions were left unanswered and my procedure was quick and easy. They were very good at putting me at ease and giving me all the information I needed to make the best decision for myself. Waking up with perfect vision without messing around with contacts or glasses was worth every penny. By far the best money I have ever spent.  Everyone from the staff to the doctors and even the receptionist calling to remind me of my appointments  were awesome. I would recommend Eyes of York to everyone.


Kim March



I had Lasik surgery two years ago.  I had an amazing experience with Dr. Visco.  She was very professional and attentive, and took the time to carefully evaluate my eyes and explain the procedure.  The staff at Eyes of York were also extremely nice and caring.  I have worn glasses or contacts for 35 years.  I was nervous at first to think about this procedure but the staff and Dr. Visco put my mind at ease and the actual procedure was very simple and took minutes.  I now have 20/20 vision and have never been happier to not have to carry around solution, extra contact lenses or glasses on my vacations and business trips.  I would recommend the procedure to anyone who relies on corrective eyewear.  — Kim March


Scott Shimmel



I went from the so called coke bottle glasses to not having to wear glasses at all.  The hassle of changing contacts every day was a benefit as well!  The procedure lasted only minutes and the recovery time was minimal!  The results were almost instantaneous.  — Scott Shimmel




I have been wearing contacts since 6th grade and never had any problems.  They were an inconvenience when wearing for long hours or when traveling, camping, or anytime I wasn’t in my own bathroom.  Recently, my  contacts were causing my eyes to be bloodshot by mid-afternoon.  Wearing glasses helped, but that wasn’t a solution.  I went back and forth on the idea of LASIK and finally “jumped the gun.”  It was the best decision I have ever made.  As with any procedure/surgery, there is a recover period but I was seeing 20/15 within 18 hours of my procedure.  When getting ready for bed I think, “oh man, i for to take my contacts out!”  Then I realize that they aren’t in and I can see perfectly!  — Brian Reed