My Reason to SMILE : A Patient’s Journey

SMILE-patient-Tiffani Tiffani R. is pictured here with some of the Eyes of York staff as she celebrated two weeks since her SMILE procedure. Below is Tiffani’s thoughts on her experience throughout her journey at Eyes of York.


Reasons for Reaching out to Eyes of York

I had been wearing glasses and contacts for over 20 years. I am very active in competitive triathlon racing and worrying about contacts during the events had become too bothersome. After asking around, friends and co-workers recommended EOY for my evaluation. I had also heard of other places in Harrisburg and Baltimore as well but did not want to travel that far.

Experience at Appointment 1 Free Screening & Appointment 2 Refractive Exam

The free screening was great. The staff sat me down and explained all my options in layman’s terms. They described the whole experience from beginning to end and answered all of my questions. At my refractive exam, they were able to work with my schedule and fit me in. It was a long appointment which I was forewarned about because it was very thorough. During that time, I met with Dr. Visco who explained that I was good candidate for SMILE and why. She also answered any questions that I had. The day after, I received a follow-up call with further surgery instructions. Everyone was so helpful.

My Feelings Leading up to & the Day of the Procedure

I was rather nervous the day of the procedure mainly because I knew I couldn’t move my eyes during surgery. Once I arrived, they double checked my eye prescription to make sure the laser was set correctly. They then timed my medications (eye drops and Valium) and I only waited a few minutes. It was nice that my husband could also come with me and even watch the procedure through a viewing glass.

Experience During my Procedure

Everyone was so nice and made sure I was comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Visco explained everything that was going on as it was happening., there were no surprises. During the procedure, she found some area of dry eye. As she was fixing that, that was the only discomfort I felt during the procedure. Honestly, the most uncomfortable part was removing the stickers from my face after the procedure.

Day After Surgery

I was very photosensitive all day. It felt like there was sand in my eye until early the next day, which was explained to me as part of the healing process. They gave me valium so I could sleep when I got home which I did other than for meals and drops. Someone also called in the afternoon to check on me and answer any other questions I had.

1 Week After Surgery

The day after, my vision was much clearer but still somewhat foggy. My near vision was much worse than usual, but I could still function. I just couldn’t use a computer or my cell phone comfortably. A week after my surgery, my vision is 20/20. I am still having some intermittent blurriness, especially with things that are back lit. I have some mild halos at night driving but nothing worse than when my contacts would get dry at the end of the day. The pain is completely gone and I have been back to work all week without any problems and I spend most of my work day on the computer.

2 Weeks After Surgery

Halos are much improved and only a little bit of dry eye as my eyes continue to heal.

Additional Comments

I’m very happy with the procedure and results and would highly recommend it!


Did Tiffani’s story give you a reason to SMILE? 

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