Advanced testing

Glaucoma Diagnostic Testing

There are several advanced tests performed in addition to a comprehensive medical eye examination. These tests are used to screen and monitor progression of the disease. For patients with multiple risk factors, initial testing can be performed as a baseline or point of comparison for future testing. These tests include the Optical Coherence Tomography for the optic nerve and the Visual Field Analyzer.

oct editedThe CIRRUS™ Optical Coherence Tomography for the optic nerve provides extensive images producing a panoramic profile of the posterior segment. The images include a detailed assessment of the optic nerve and optic nerve fibers. These images allow physicians to view irregularities ranging from patients with pre-glaucoma to patients with advanced glaucoma.Visual Field 1

The Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA) measures the visual field plane a patient maintains throughout the progression of glaucoma. The HFA determines the percentage of field loss due to nerve damage with every scan. This information provides the physician with a clear analysis of the patient’s field of vision.