YAG Capsulotomy


A YAG Capsulotomy, or posterior capsulotomy, is performed on the lens capsule. This procedure is frequently necessary following all types of cataract surgery and is necessary when the
growth of scar tissue blurs vision. Most but not all post-cataract surgical patients require this procedure eventually. Those experiencing clouding of the capsule may notice symptoms, much like those of cataracts, beginning anywhere from a few weeks to a few years after cataract surgery. The formation of a cloudy posterior capsule is frequently referred to as an “after-cataract”. The average period of time for this to occur is two to five years after cataract surgery.

The YAG capsulotomy is a simple outpatient procedure performed with a laser to create an opening in the back of the capsule, clearing any scar tissue obstruction. Anesthetic eye drops are administered prior to the procedure to eliminate any discomfort.

There are no restrictions following a YAG Capsulotomy. Many patients drive themselves to and from their appointment and return to work the same day. Dilation is necessary to perform the laser procedure, resulting in light sensitivity and blurred near vision for a few hours in the operated eye.