Reasons to SMILE

The latest advancement in laser vision correction, SMILE has many great benefits. Eyes of York has helped thousands of patients see better through laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK and PRK. Now, as we prepare to become the first practice in Pennsylvania to perform SMILE, we wanted to help you understand some of the benefits of SMILE.
SMILE can correct your vision. Just like LASIK, SMILE is designed to help patients reduce or eliminate their need for glasses and/or contact lenses.

While SMILE was just recently FDA approved in the United States, it has been performed successfully around the globe for many years. SMILE was developed by ZEISS, a company known for 170 years of optical innovation. More than 750,000 SMILE procedures have been performed thus far.

SMILE is gentle and minimally invasive. The laser creates a small opening through which your vision is corrected. The smaller opening allows quick recovery time with predictable visual outcomes. Cases of dry eye, disturbed nerves and infection a result of laser vision correction are very low with SMILE.

SMILE is a simple and fast procedure. 30 seconds per eye, with your entire procedure taking only a few minutes. During a SMILE procedure, the latest in laser technology is used to create a thin, contact lens-shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye, which is removed through the small opening, thus correcting your vision.

SMILE promotes eye strength and stability. The smaller incision and no need to create a flap, allows patients to have more stable outcomes.

Rapid visual recovery after your procedure. Full visual recovery comparable to LASIK. Patients are able to return to most normal daily activities within 24 hours, including driving, showering, applying makeup, and going to work.
Whatever your reason to SMILE, don’t wait! Call our office today to set up your free screening or click here to schedule online.