Forever Young- Restor

Karen McCarterWhen asked to provide a recommendation for Eyes of York and Dr. Denise Visco, I jumped at the chance to say that this was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.  From the initial consultation to see if I needed cataract surgery to the final outcome, I could not have been more pleased.  Dr. Visco provided all the information to make a decision that was the best one for me.  I chose to purchase the upgraded multi-focal lenses that allowed me to go glasses-free for the first time in 58 years.  The staff took such good care of me from the initial testing to the follow-up.  Having the surgical center at the same location was a plus, and the surgical staff could not have provided a better start to finish experience.  I was extremely impressed with Dr. Visco’s diligence in employing current advancements in eye surgery when 3 weeks after my first surgery, a new approach and piece of equipment was used.  Follow-up was also thorough and after 6 months from the date of surgery, I now see 20-20 at distance, close-up and at reading points.  How could I not recommend Eyes of York!  — Karen McCarter

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I had my Restor lens surgery a year ago and am thrilled with the results.  No more contacts or glasses for life – what a blessing!  Dr. Visco and all the staff at Eyes of York were great throughout the entire process- informative, professional, and friendly.  I would definitely recommend it.  The results have improved my quality of life!  — Donna Forrey