Legal to Drive- Toric

Sharon (Shannon) McKinneyI’m so glad I had my eyes operated on by Dr. Visco.  I’ve worn glasses since second grade and contacts as an adult.  I have never seen as well as I do now!  The people in her office are all so friendly and helpful.  They don’t make you feel uncomfortable when you ask questions, they simply smile and answer anything you’ve asked.  The cataract surgery was done in a pleasant and clean atmosphere.  I would highly recommend Dr. Visco and her staff to anyone considering eye surgery.     — Shannon McKinney




After wearing glasses since fourth grade and having to come to Eyes of York for cataract surgery and lens implants; I am astonished at the results of the surgery!  I no longer need to wear glasses for distance and only need reading glasses.  I had no infection or complications from my surgery and all instructions for pre and post care were detailed to ensure no forgetting of medicated drops to the eyes.  The staff are also very cordial and helpful.  The doctor has a very calm demeanor and also keep the patient calm through the whole procedure.                          — Norma Diehl



My experience with Eyes of York to and after my cataract surgeries has been wonderful.  I had two different lens implants; a Toric lens in my right eye to correct astigmatism and a standard lens implant in my left eye utilizing ORA OptiPlus.  The treatment plan I developed with Dr. Visco prior to surgery met my expectations!  In the 1990’s I had radial keratotomy in both eyes in an effort to eliminate my prescription.  This procedure is done by making incisions on the corneal surface.  Dr. Visco was very thorough and took much consideration into my prior ocular history.  I am very pleased with my vision at distance and very happy with the quality of my near vision with the assistance of readers.  Things are still coming along in my left eye as I am only two weeks out but overall I am please with my visual outcome.  I would highly recommend Eyes of York if you are considering cataract surgery.  — Norma Koons



I had cataract surgery on january 21, 2015 with Dr. Visco.  I elected to have the Toric lens implant available in the Legal to Drive package to get the most correction possible.  I feel my distance vision is wonderful and that colors are so vivid!  I am excited to have my second eye done!  I have been very happy with the experience I have had at Eyes of York and feel that this office is very well organized.  The staff members have been very friendly and informative.  I was very happy with the eye drop instruction sheet that the office provided my with and felt that it helped me to stay organized with my pre and post-operative eye drops.   — Josephine Smyser