When I had my annual eye check, I was told I had a cataract in my left eye;  I had no vision in my left eye for several years.  I attributed it to an exercise incident that occurred several years ago.  Since my daughter worked for an eye doctor in the east, she suggested the surgery.  A bit hesitant, I consented.  Three days after the surgery/lens replacement, my vision was as clear as the right eye!  Prior to surgery I avoided night driving and could not read menus in the restaurants as well as magazines articles.  I can now read without any difficulty.  I followed with surgery on my right eye.  The entire staff at Eyes of York is outstanding.  The doctors and all staff is exceptional.   When I was ready to graduate from high school, my grandfather suggested life begins at 80.  Thanks to Eyes of York staff, life does begin at 80.   By the way, I am 80.  Thanks again to Eyes of York!  If you are having vision problems don’t hesitate.  Schedule an appointment with Eyes of York.  —  Ephraim Sheffer



When I first thought of cataract surgery, I have to admit that I was a bit concerned.  I was worried that I may not be able to see after having the procedure or that there may be complications.  The folks at Eyes of York were fantastic!  They answered all of my questions, provided information about my choices and calmed my fears.  The professional friendly manner in which the staff treats patients is second to none.  Thanks Eyes of York– I have had two cataracts removed and had no complications or infections following the procedure.  And best of all, I now see better than I have since I was in grade school!  —  Marcia Weber