My experience at Eyes of York has been great. We kind of made it a family affair that my husband and I did our eyes together and my brother-in-law also did them with us. So three of us came in and all three of us had equally great experiences with Eyes of York. Weíre all completely satisfied and would do it all over again if we had to.


So, some of the benefits to having Lasik, Iíve had it for about two years now, and the great thing about it is I can get up in the morning, donít have to put glasses on, donít have to search for my contacts. Recently, Iíve been on a vacation. When I was packing my bags, didnít have to pack the contacts, pack the glasses and thatís one of the benefits. Waking up in the middle of the night being able to read the alarm clock and not having to grab the glasses to try to see what time it is. Just day to day life, not having to worry about the contact lenses drying out in the middle of the day and the drops and things.