Well, for the last several years Iíve really struggled because I was losing my distance vision, I had trouble seeing close up but I do a lot of computer work and that was a real problem for me. So really basically even though I was doing monovision with my contacts, I wasnít seeing anything totally clear.


Iíve known Doctor Visco for about 25 years, since she was a resident and coming out of the residency program. I was introduced to her through my husband, who is the Executive Director of the American College of Eye Surgeons and Iíve had a lot of experience with her through the years. Iíve watched her lectures, Iíve seen a lot of the cases that sheís performed and frankly, when we decided that I was going to have the surgery, for me there was no other choice. I didnít care if I had to travel two-thousand miles or two hundred miles. I was going to come to Doctor Visco. And it was definitely the right decision because not only am I personally fond of her but watching her work as a professional has just been an eye-opening experience for me. Going to conferences with her, I admired her greatly. But actually watching her in action and seeing how she is with her patients and meÖthere was no other choice for me.


I have to admit, I was kind of nervous about it. And I was so pleasantly surprised. Coming into the practice as a patient and the greeting that I got at the front desk because my belief is that you are known by the people at your front desk. Yaíll have a great crew because they made me feel so welcome and at ease. Everyone I dealt with was so kind and compassionate and patient because you know when you have the refraction itís always difficult when they say Ďthis slide or this slide, which ones betterí. They were just great, everybody I worked with was just great. And when we went back to the surgery center, I was very impressed because to me itís not like you walked into an independent practice, it was like you walked into a hospital setting. And everybody there was extremely professional. I bet I had at least five people check my wrist band you know Ďwhat is your name, your birthdate, what are we doing for you today?í. I felt like everyone was very onboard and very focused about me as the patient. It wasnít like I was number, it was very personal. I was very surprised at the recovery because going through the procedure itself was actually a different experience than what I thought I would go through. I was kind of nervous about would I see the machine or would I see them coming at my eye. I think that is kind of a worry that everyone has and I didnít experience any of that. It all went very quickly. I didnít haveÖI couldnít really say that I felt anything during the procedure. Afterwards as my vision started to return, I had a little bit of scratchiness. Just like you had a little grain of salt or sand in your eye. That afternoon I rested a little bit and of course you have to do the drops in your eyes and that makes everything feel better. But it was so minor, it was so minor. Especially in comparison to wearing contacts for twenty years and you get something in your eye with a contact and youíre like ugh if I donít get that out of my eye real soon Iím gonna die. But it wasnít like that at all, it was just a little irritation. I woke up the next morning, I didnít feel anything it was like I didnít have anything done but I could see! And even though my eye was still dilated, I was seeing excellent. Even within twenty-four hours, but suddenly I could pick up my telephone and I could actually read the date, and the time, and how much power I had left and who had called me. It was so exciting, I hadnít seen that well in thirty years!


I think that the way I feel today, is so grateful. I am so grateful to Doctor Visco, personally and professionally because the whole crew here has made me feel that I am very important to them, that my vision is very important to them. Like I said, I havenít seen like this in thirty years. I have to kind of calm myself down because Iím so excited to be able to feel like Iím independent from my glasses and my contacts. From my grandchildren having to tell me what the sign says. I can go shopping without having to worry about oh how much is that and where are my glasses so I can see how much that garment costs. Itís just a passion that I feel because I have seen other people go through it and be excited. Part of me wanted to do it but was a little bit nervous about it. And now that I made the decision to actually do it myself, Iím thinking why did I wait so long because this is fantastic. Iím going to recommend this to everybody, to all my friends. Donít wait. Donít be scared. Itís great and I really appreciate the practice here and Doctor Visco.