So, my experience with Eyes of York was very positive. I wasnít or so I didnít think I was a good candidate but after meeting with my eye doctor she suggested yes. I came in to meet with Brittany and they did some eye tests and things like that and I ended up being a good candidate for the procedure. Then I met with Doctor Benz and he told me what was going to happen. Within a minute of having the surgery done, twenty-eight seconds on one eye and thirty-one seconds on the other eye, my life was dramatically changed for the better.


I have been able to swim without wearing contacts. I have been able to swim in the ocean without wearing contacts, you donít have to lose them in the ocean, lose them in a pool. Another way that it has helped me is that I always joked that if my house caught on fire, that I would have to find my glasses before I could ever get out of my house if it caught on fire because I was blind as a bat. And now I can just wake up in the middle of the night and itís amazing, I can just see. I can read the alarm clock from across the room, I can get up without having to worry about tripping over anything, stumbling over anything, finding my glasses. I can just see.


Iíve been thrilled with my experience through Eyes of York as far as meeting them for appointments and things like that. Theyíve always been very helpful, very friendly, told me exactly what the procedure was going to be like so I didnít have any questions or concerns along the way. I could just come to the appointments and everything they had prepped me for was happening and taking place. It was just an overall great experience and Iím so glad I had it done.