My experience was very seamless, everybody was professional. I came here because of the reputation of the company and Doctor Visco. The staff was excellent. The only thing I found here was that everything was on time, there was a schedule for everything, everything was explained from end to end. I would call it a very seamless experience. And it was easy and everyone was knowledgeable. Iíve recommended it to at least four or five people that might be interested. Iím glad to testify that this is an excellent place to come. I looked into about five and it was easily my choice. Iíd like to say the procedure itself was amazing, I actually enjoyed the procedure. I had somebody here with me and they were amazed at how quickly things went and how easily. I was amazed at how painless the process was. I would easily recommend it to people now based on my experience.


Iíve worn contacts or glasses since I was ten years old, contacts I wore for thirty years. The difference in my life is being able to wake up and see right away. You know if you are a contact wearer, you realize that your night vision is not nearly as good with contacts as it is even with glasses. So, I was a contact wearer but with this process and my activities: I shoot, I golf, Iím very active outside. It doesnít interfere with anything I do now. And my vision is better now than when I was ten years old.